Fresenius-Kabi - Lactulose


Adding value

Contract manufacturing
The business activities of Fresenius Kabi Austria also include competently managed contract manufacturing of both API and finished products.

To meet the demands and needs of our customers, we are constantly expanding our product portfolio, for example by developing new flavoured versions or presentation formats.
Precise adherence to the requirements of our customers is ensured by highly qualified and committed staff. 
Broad range of services
Part of the Lactulose API produced in Linz is processed to finished products and packaged for worldwide export; some of this is supplied under a registered brand name.

Finished product of Lactulose liquid (67% w/v) is available in PET or HDPE bottles of various sizes (100ml to 1000ml). We also offer single-dose sachets for liquid (10g/15ml) or crystalline Lactulose (10g). These are highly convenient and easy to use and are packaged in boxes of up to 100 single doses. 

An experienced team is available to assist you with the implementation of a packaging design to give our Lactulose product the look of your choice.